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TIM is in Amsterdam for #AIDS2018, and TIM co-founder Nic Holas has presented at the U=U preconference. He used the opportunity to discuss the fact that zero risk equals zero excuses!

Undetectable = Untransmittable means zero risk of HIV. If your organisation isn’t getting 100% this information and getting it out to People Living with HIV, you’re not. doing. your. job.

We’re so excited to share that ASHM has released new Australian guidance for health care providers working with people living with #HIV to include U=U.

Every HIV doctor in Australia will be guided to tell people living with HIV that there is ZERO risk of them passing on the virus. This was a direct result of the TIM/Dynamix U = U campaign!

Say it loud and say it proud: ZERO RISK = ZERO EXCUSES. We need organisations to speak up and let the world know that PLHIV on effective treatment can’t pass on the virus.