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The right stuff(ing)

In TIM’s new Wizards of Poz campaign, our HIV+  Scarecrow is a 100% organic radical faerie who turns toxicity into spirituality, and who knows HIV requires a sound philosophy – and he’s got the brain for it.

“How could you be so stupid?!” is something poz people may hear when they disclose  their HIV status to family, friends, or strangers. The collective fear around HIV is so great, it’s sometimes easier for people to assume anyone who becomes poz must have straw for brains. When the truth is, most of us just made a very human mistake.

When it comes to living with HIV, one thing all poz people can attest to is how heavily it can weigh on your mind. A new diagnosis, developing resilience, settling in to living long term, and coming to terms with surviving the epidemic are just a few of the mental hurdles poz people may face.  Give yourself the mental space to reflect on every step of the journey. Remember: if you need support, it’s there.


Why Sebastian inspires TIM

Wizards of Poz is TIM’s first campaign, and we knew we wanted to honour the contributions of members who have put themselves into the world representing TIM or their personal experiences with HIV. People like Sebastian Robinson, who we’ve transformed into our Poz Scarecrow.

Sebastian is an actor, an activist, a writer, and a Person Living with HIV. He inspires us with his empathy, wisdom, and kindness. Sebastian’s diagnosis came while he was acting in a play about Australia’s response to HIV, which also featured in a documentary, Transmission.

Sebastian allowed the documentary to chronicle his journey as a newly diagnosed HIV+ person, which also meant disclosing his status on the big screen – which is both brave and inspiring.  You can read more of Sebastian’s incredible story here.

Wizards of Poz is our first public community campaign. We’re doing it to celebrate our recent milestone of reaching 1000 members. The camp, colourful campaign is about empowering the HIV+ community, and celebrating our resilience.