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TIM loves Women Living with HIV. To celebrate them, we’re so excited to see the third annual National Day for Women Living with HIV take place on Friday March 9, 2018.

It’s an initiative of the National Network of Women Living with HIV, AKA Femfatales, and springs from ongoing concerns “that Australian women are too often unaware about the risks and realities of HIV.”

TIM has a place for all People Living with HIV, and we acknowledge the patricular difficulties faced by Women Living with HIV. That’s why we supported women in our community to create TIM WOMEN , a private online space for anyone identifying as a Woman Living with HIV.

We also centre Women Living with HIV in our campaigns. Check out Abby’s video as part of our nationwide U=U campaign.

“I’m Abby. I’m a woman living with HIV.

Some of the things I worry about: my career; women and kids around the world and the injustices they face. The thing I don’t worry about, and I’m so privileged that I don’t have to worry about this, is that I can’t pass on HIV to my partner.

I’m on effective HIV treatment which means that my viral load is suppressed to an undetectable level, which means I can safely have sex with my partner without being worried about transmitting my HIV to him.

It makes me feel really, really lucky. It’s a reality that hasn’t been a reality for so many other people.

Great sex is being able to have sex with someone that you trust, and someone you can feel safe with, and exploring what it is that works for you.

Safe sex for me in 2018 is knowing your status. For me, it’s being on treatment,  it’s regular testing, and the piece of mind that you can from that.

U = U means “undetectable equals untransmittable.” For so long there has been the fear and the stigma and the terror around positive people.

It’s so important to me because I can have a beautiful relationship with my partner without any fear around transmitting the virus to him, and it’s massive for me individually because it allows me to live my life without giving my status a second thought.”   

Make sure you check out all the events taking place around the country as part of the National Day for Women Living with HIV, and show some love to your HIV+ sisters every day, not just Friday, March 8!