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It’s time to slip out of those uncomfortable, outdated ideas and jump into bed with U=U!

TIM’s latest nationwide campaign is finally here, all thanks to DYNAMIX INTERNATIONAL.

We’ve known for years that despite the scientific evidence, People Living with HIV and our potential partners can sometimes struggle to move beyond the decades of stigma and fear associated with HIV in their search for love and a good quality of life.

We also know that is HIV is Undetectable then it’s Untransmittable. U=U means zero risk of passing on HIV

So we created this campaign featuring a diverse range of HIV positive and HIV negative community members chatting about what U=U means to them.

We’re really proud of it, and we can’t wait to send it around Australia and the world. Keep an eye out for all the campaign videos, plus our national speaking tour with U=U founder Bruce Richman, as well as our huge U=U float in the 2018 Mardi Gras, and more!

U=U means zero risk of HIV, so don’t you worry baby!