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Turning Tina is TIM’s harm reduction resource for gay, bi, trans men living with HIV who use crystal meth AKA tina.

Please read no further. The following material may trigger and/or elicit cravings if you have or had an issue with substance use.   

It’s time to talk about tina. Whether you’re a regular user of crystal meth, have dabbled once or twice, or know a mate that is struggling: this HIV + community-developed resource is for you.

People’s reasons for trying or using tina are varied. This four-part resource outlines some of the facts about using tina, including what it does to your body and how you get it into your body. We also wanted to talk about some of the warning signs that might signal it’s time to take a break or even get some help.

This resource has gathered practical risk reduction strategies and advice based upon survey responses and interviews with former and current tina users. Some information was provided by members of The Institute of Many, and the authors of this resource are very grateful for their honest contributions.


The Institute of Many (TIM) does not in any way endorse or encourage the use of illicit drugs and this resource emphasises the fact that the only way to totally avoid any of the risks associated with methamphetamine use is not to use methamphetamines.

The only way to avoid any adverse consequences from illicit and/or recreational drug use is not to use. However, a lot of guys have already made the decision to do so and they are no less deserving of support in seeking to reduce harmful consequences that can arise for themselves and for those who live and love with them.

This resource was developed in partnership with Living Positive Victoria, who engaged The Institute of Many to conduct an informal survey of their membership and present the findings at a community forum in 2014.