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Read about TIM on Facebook and ready to join?

To join, we just need a little info so we can add you! We need to know your email address because that’s how we add new members to Facebook – so the email you use to login is preferable – that way Facebook sends you a notification/email to let you know.

How does joining work?

Once you fill out the form below, a friendly TIM member from our welcoming team will get in touch via the email to let you know that you’ve been added to the group.

Like you, they’re HIV+ and they understand that you may have questions about the group, which they are happy to answer.

Should I know anything else before joining?

Before you join, feel free to have a read of the TIM Guidelines and TIM Values, so you can get a sense of what TIM is all about.

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I am a Person Living with HIV. I understand I am joining a private Facebook group. 

Confidentiality statement: TIM will not pass on your data or information to any third parties. The info submitted on here will be stored on data servers of WordPress and Google (via our Gmail account). If you do not feel comfortable using this webform and wish to contact us directly, please email us or visit our public Facebook page.