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When you join one of TIM’s private Facebook groups you’ll be directed to read our welcome message, pinned at the top of every page. If you’re interested in joining, you might like to read it over beforehand.

All of TIM’s digital spaces are moderated according to these guidelines and the TIM Values. Some of these guidelines are pretty commonsense, and others are very specific to the TIM community. We’ve developed them organically as we watched the group grow.


The TIM Welcome Message

Welcome to TIM! We’re a social umbrella and advocacy platform for HIV positive people that you can use to connect with other HIV positive people around the world, and hopefully in your hometown via our meet-up events.

TIM’s values can be found here. In joining TIM, you are not automatically agreeing with these values, but recognise that discussions around any of these values are informed by them.

We ask all TIMbos to act with respect and openness when communicating.


– First and foremost – this is a private and confidential group. Anything expressed/shared here should be treated with respect, and must not distributed/published/referenced elsewhere.

– That being said, this TIM community exists on Facebook. We use the maximum privacy settings available, and will always do so. We are limited in our ability to prevent anyone in TIM sharing info they discover here, apart from requesting all members understand and respect the need for confidentiality. Anyone that wilfully ignores that request may be removed from the group.

– Every person in this group is HIV+. You might see someone you know here – remember they are here for the same reason as you, regardless of your personal connection (be it work, community, or even an ex). At TIM events, HIV negative allies are welcome, but this private group is for HIV+ only.

– Please feel free to add other HIV+ people you think might benefit from being a member of TIM. You can invite HIV+ people on the right hand side of the page. Please make sure you ASK THEIR PERMISSION FIRST, and explain what TIM is. Facebook’s system of adding people to groups means they don’t get to ‘accept’ your invite. Once you add them, we just need to approve them and they get added right away. This means they are essentially disclosing their HIV status to everyone in TIM (and they might not be ready for that). If you’re having problems with adding people, just message us (Nic Holas or Jeff Lange).

– TIM is not the emergency room. If you are having any sort of medical issue that requires immediate attention, call 000 in Australia, 111 in NZ, 911 in the US or get yourself to a hospital/doctor.

– This page is moderated by TIM co-founders Jeff Lange and Nic Holas and a group of TIM moderators, according to the guidelines and values of the group. We reserve the right to delete any content that ignores the guidelines without warning (but we do try and reach out via private message). Repeatedly ignoring the posting guide may lead to removal from the group without warning, either for a period of time or permanently. Blocking any mods may result in ejection from TIM.

(That’s the heavy stuff out of the way!)


– We encourage you to use TIM to ask questions about meds, treatments etc. but keep in mind you’ll get an answer from an individual, not a medical professional. Only you and your doctor know your body and your health situation.

– We encourage you to use “I” statements as much as possible.

– Debate and discussion is encouraged, but try to disagree with the argument, not the individual. Personal attacks/excessive butthurt may get you booted.

– No need to censor. This group is very diverse but we have no barriers around language, sexual disclosure, or frank discussion. One of the founding principles of TIM is sex-positivity and a shame-free experience. That freedom applies to everyone: male, female, trans, cis, intersex, gay, lesbian, straight, bi etc.

– That being said, TIM is not a dating/hookup page. We fully realise sex/dating is part of everyone’s lives, and all sorts of relationships have blossomed from people meeting at TIM events, and chatting online. Keep it off the page though, and please don’t write posts asking if anyone wants to date you or meet up.

– TIM is absolutely where you can come to have a vent about your lived experience with HIV if you are feeling down or upset. Before you post though, have a read over the page and remind yourself that you are part of this community. We’re a tribe who shares the same blood, and we’re all here for each other. Use that to remind yourself you are resilient, and perhaps post about how you’re going to tackle the negative feelings or experience you’ve just had. We’re all here to build each other up.


– Please share any articles, links, events and opportunities about HIV and the related community. Try to limit it to this field, as the size of the group means the feed fills up quickly, and we want to keep things on topic. Off-topic posts that don’t relate to HIV, non-HIV specific inspirational or joke memes (we know you mean well, but they clog up the page), or any otherwise unrelated content may be deleted.

– If you’re looking to arrange a casual meet-up, please start your post with your city e.g. “SYDNEY: Hey everyone, got the afternoon off so heading to the pub.” etc.

-In the EVENTS tab at the top of the page will be all the upcoming events run by TIM, and sometimes some casual ones organised by other members. Keep track and RSVP where possible!

– The FILES tab at the top of the page has a running series of recurring questions that have repeatedly come up e.g. HIV and your dentist, HIV and travel insurance etc. Feel free to check there before posting a question in case it’s already been answered.

– Please do not promote your business or services, or ask the group for money.

– AIDS denialism and other HIV conspiracy theories will be deleted (free speech doesn’t extend to endangering the lives of other HIV+ people). Claims that the HIV sector is corrupt/hasn’t done enough for you may be challenged. Robust and reasoned critiques of HIV politics and the sector, the pharmaceutical industry etc are welcome.

– If you’re employed in the HIV sector, we welcome your knowledge and expertise but keep in mind TIM is not an industry forum. TIM is about helping establish new pathways for all people living with HIV. If you want to post about something that relates to your work or organisation (whether you are staff, board, or volunteer), please send us a message first for approval (Nic Holas or Jeff Lange).

Visual versions of some of the guidelines are also available (on the Facebook group).

If you disagree with any of these points, please let us know. These guidelines have been created with your feedback, and our experience watching the group grow. We’re really proud of this community, and hope you get something out of it. Welcome to TIM!

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